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November 5, 2004
I remember running a contest and getting a decent amount of submissions for it. I remember asking for fan art and getting two submissions, one less than needed. I remember when I submitted fan art to others, and a link to my site would go up. I remember when that link went down even though my fan art was still up there. Iím not going to be your doormat anymore. - David

October 20, 2004
I still remember the time I pissed off Razi. I remember the time I pissed off Kendra too. Man, those were the days.

I remember having discussions about every topic imaginable. Sometimes we would flood the server with images of our best strips. Sometimes we would plug our comics, ask for fan art, offer fan art, ask for guest strips, offer guest stripsÖ Everyone seemed to have built up a sizable buffer. I didnít even know you could build up a buffer.

I remember all the time I spent on my comic. I remember that each strip took up to three hours. Today I wonder how I did it. - David
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